Dirty Metals: Mining Communities and the Environment (Earthworks & Oxfam)

This detailed 30 page 2004 report outlines a variety of environmental concerns related to metals mining, and includes discussion of cases from all over the world, including those of mines owned by Vancouver-based Goldcorp (owner of Glamis), Placer-Dome (now Barrick) and Turquoise Hill (formerly Ivanhoe Mines).

[From the report:]

The metals mining industry, a few highlights:

  • 96 percent of US arsenic emissions
  • 50 percent of all newly mined gold taken from native lands
  • Groundwater thousands of times more acid than battery acid
  • Implication in human rights abuses
  • 79 tons of mine waste for every ounce of gold
  • Employs only 0.09 percent of the global workforce
  • Up to 10 percent of world energy consumption
  • Craters blasted into officially protected natural areas

Read the full report here.

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