Pushing the Debate: Noir Canada’s critical perspective (Dominion)

This article by Alain Denault provides context and detail for his book, Noir Canada, that was forced out of publication by lawsuits from Canadian Mining companies Barrick Gold and Banro Corporation.

[From the article:]

Canada is a judicial paradise for the world’s mining and oil companies. Listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange is a way of seeking shelter in one of the more permissive stock exchanges in the world, while taking advantage of the reputation of the rule of law in Canada, all the while knowing that one is outside of state control and regulation when operating overseas.

This is how Canada subtly integrates itself into the global map of offshore banking, financial havens, free ports, and free-trade zones. Most of the world’s mining companies keep their dollars in offshore accounts and take advantage of a legal framework in Canada that allows them to work all around the world under the Canadian flag without ever having to explain their actions to anybody.

The absolute necessity of public debate that the book Noir Canada raised this spring has resulted in the book becoming the object of two legal challenges for “defamation”: a $6-million lawsuit launched by Barrick Gold in the Supreme Court of Quebec, and another by Banro, in Ontario, for $5 million. These Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) attempt to make critical questioning illegal, while violating the principles of free expression and the public right to information. Read the full article by Alain Denault in The Dominion.

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