El Salvador’s gold fight goes international (Real News)

Newscast (with transcript) about Vancouver-based Pacific Rim’s lawsuit against El Salvador:

[From the  news report by Jesse Freeston:]

After activists block their permit, Canadian company uses US trade agreement to sue Salvadoran gov’t.

Five representatives of five organizations in El Salvador that form part of the National Coalition Against  Mining, known as La Mesa, were in Washington, DC last month to accept the Letelier-Moffitt  International Human Rights Award. The recognition comes at an interesting time as the group’s  successes in blocking mining exploitation in their small country, have brought about a unique legal  situation. Namely, a Canadian mining company is suing the government of El Salvador for $100 million,  through a US subsidiary under the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). The Real News  followed the group of activists around Washington, DC, and interviewed the CEO and president of the  company behind the suit, Pacific Rim. Click here for the whole news report.

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