For Canadian companies overseas, a corporate heart of darkness (Globe)

Globe article following the defeat of Bill C-300. Outlines industry lobbying for ‘voluntary’ guidelines, Canada’s implementation of a “toothless” Corporate Responsibility Counsellor, and Canada’s lax laws relative to other jurisdictions.

[From the article by Marcus Gee:]

When told that The Globe is doing a piece on the laws governing misbehaviour by Canadian companies in foreign countries, John McKay laughs. “That’ll be a short article,” he says. “There aren’t any.”

The Liberal MP was behind a private member’s bill that would have brought in tough new rules on companies operating abroad. It went down to defeat in Parliament last fall, losing by just six votes when the Conservatives opposed it.

The MP from the Toronto riding of Scarborough-Guildwood says Canada is far behind other countries in regulating the behaviour of its companies overseas. Read the full article in the Globe and Mail

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