Tensions Flare over Vancouver-owned Mine in Oaxaca (Media Co-op)

This article on Fortuna Silver’s Trinidad (Cuzcatlán) mine in San José del Progreso features comments by Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez, who was killed only a month later (March 15 2012).


[From the article by Dawn Paley:]

It’s been almost three years since hundreds of Zapotec community members took direct action to temporarily shut down Vancouver-based Fortuna Silver’s gold and silver mine just south of Oaxaca City, Mexico.

The blockade ended with a massive police raid, during which demonstrators were beaten and 23 people were taken by police and jailed, some for up to three months. Since then, the neighbouring community of San José del Progreso has been deeply divided, and residents have faced a series of difficult and sometimes deadly confrontations.

Three people have been killed since then, most recently Bernardo Méndez Vásquez, who was shot seven times on January 18, 2012, by a municipal police officer. Locals say municipal authorities ordered the police to attack residents, who were refusing to allow a new water system to be installed on their land because they felt it would be used to supply the mine with water.

Read the full article at the Vancouver Media Co-op.

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