Raven Coal Mine (Sierra Club)

Sierra club web pages detailing concerns about Compliance Energy’s proposed Raven Coal mine:

Raven Coal Mine – Sierra Club | Project overview and background

Raven Coal Mine – Sierra Club: Learn More | more detailed information and resources including media coverage, reports, fact sheets, and other details about the environmental assessment process

[From the Sierra club fact sheet:]

Coal was one of Vancouver Island’s earliest industries, and now it is making a dubious come-back. A new coal mine called “Raven” is proposed near Fanny Bay in the scenic Comox Valley. The Raven mine would:

  • remove 44 million tonnes of coal (2.2. million tonnes a year for 20 years).
  • create 700,000 tonnes of slag and pollutants each year.
  • construct a toxic tailings pond
  • over the fish-bearing Cowie Creek.
  • potentially contaminate aquifers that provide household drinking water.
  • threaten Baynes Sound, one of the world’s richest oyster beds.

Compliance Coal Corporation plans to truck out the coal – in 42-tonne trucks – past Fanny Bay along Highway 4 to Port Alberni, where the coal will be loaded onto ships bound for Asia. Since the mine will operate around the clock, that means 96 noisy coal trucks will drive the route every 24 hours. That’s 672 coal trucks each week!… View the full fact sheet from Sierra Club

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