MAY 12 (UNDER)Mining Justice Film Fest!


The other face of Canada’s Mining Corporations
(Under)Mining Justice Film Festival

Films that Dig Deep into Canada’s Growing Reputation as a Global Extractive Industries Bully

It’s the eve of BC Mining Week. BC’s mining industry leaders will spend the week wining and dining at gala receptions, awards ceremonies and community events. In Vancouver, the home to the world’s largest conglomeration of Mining companies, we will see celebration and charitable acts.

But in communities affected by Canadian mining projects, there are increasing reports of environmental devastation, water toxicity and scarcity, human rights violations, and violent repression–even murder–of residents who speak out in opposition to extractive projects.

Exactly what is BC Mining Week celebrating?

On May 12, the (Under)Mining Justice Film Festival brings to Vancouver the voices of those who bear the brunt of the mining bonanza. The festival profiles speakers from Mining Watch Canada and from communities in Central America, Colombia, and the Philippines, as well as a range of films including:

Tibet | From Nomad to Nobody (Vancouver Premier) | Michael Buckley
Why are nomads being forced from their traditional grazing lands into concrete ghettos?

El Salvador | Late Night Sunrise | Michael Watts, David McNulty
In the province of Cabañas, resistance to Vancouver-based mining company, Pacific Rim, comes at a deadly cost.

Colombia | Marmato: Pesebre de oro que grita (Cry of the cradle of gold) | Oscar Castaño Valencia
Villagers in the Andes face violence and resist as a Toronto company targets the ground beneath their feet.

Canada | The HOLE Story | Richard Des Jardins, Robert Monderie
Don’t know much about Canadian mines? Well, mines don’t talk much. Especially about their history.

Central America | El Oro O La Vida (Gold or Life) | Álvaro Revenga
In Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, communities stand up against Canadian transnationals’ efforts to recolonize their lands.

Ecuador | Under Rich Earth | Malcolm Rogge
Dramatic on the spot coverage as farmers say “No” to Vancouver-based Copper Mesa corp., and face guns. The shareholders loose. An acclaimed film with a plot twist.

Saturday May 12, 2:00pm – 10:00pm

Vancouver Public Library

Alma Van Dusen, Peter Kaye and Morris J Wosk rooms

Pay what you can (if you can). Donations gratefully accepted, but not required.

Click here for Detailed Program and Schedule

Also featuring:

Nunavut | A Changing World | Marie-Hélène Cousineau
On Baffin Island, two mountains of ore will be cut down at Mary River. Residents of Igloolik voice their concerns.

Northern Alberta / BC | SPOIL | EP Films, Intl League of Conservation Photographers
In the Great Bear Rainforest–the heart of the proposed Enbridge pipeline tanker route–an incredible wilderness and culture is at stake.

Guatemala | Art, Solidarity, and Action | Melanie Schambach
Communities affected by Vancouver-based Goldcorp paint their stories.

Kainai Nation (Alberta) | Bloodland | Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
A social statement on the irreversible and detrimental impact of gas and oil exploration on our planet.

Vancouver-Guatemala | Extracting Truths | North-South Solidarity
A brand new cross-border collaborative musical track and video that interrogates Canadian mining in the Americas.

With presentations on struggles, resistance and solidarity with affected communities:
Philippines |MOBIT Mindanao Mining Project |JR Guerrero, Honey Mae Caffin
|Gold Mining Art | Sara Kendall
| Mining Watch| Jen Moore
| Canada-Tibet Solidarity | Mati Bernabei
…. and speakers from El Salvador and Colombia to be announced

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