Canadian PM Harper met by protest of environmental groups (

Article overviewing Philippine environmental groups’ response to Harper’s November visit to the Philippines, undertaken to boost Canada’s interests in selling defense and security equipment there. Peoples’ groups called on Harper to effect the immediate pullout of Canadian mining corporations and to hold them accountable for past abuses. 

[From the article by Marya Salamat:]

…. The mine project of Crazy Horse, covering 4,085.9202 hectares of land, have been approved by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau for conversion into a Financial and Technical Assistance Agreement (FTAA), which Bautista said will “allow for 100-percent foreign ownership of Batangas’ land and give Crazy Horse incentives and auxiliary rights that will deplete the country’s mineral patrimony at the expense of the environment.”

“It is clear that from Marcopper to Crazy Horse, irresponsible Canadian mining has never improved and is still wreaking havoc in our country. If Harper truly respects the Filipino people’s sovereignty, he should be instrumental in the immediate pullout of these mining corporations,” Bautista said. His group ask Harper to ‘mine his own business’ if their foreign capital will not benefit the Philippine communities and be detrimental to its ecological integrity and community welfare.”

“The gross inaction of Pres. Benigno Aquino III on the growing number of environmental and human rights crimes from all mining corporations does not help in the plight of affected communities. Aquino must also be held accountable for perpetrating this culture of impunity towards opponents of destructive mining and other environmental activists,” said Fr. Oliver Castor, spokesperson of TF-JED. Read the full article.

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