Sat. Mar 9, 2013: International Women’s Day Rally

International Women’s Day Rally 2013
Vancouver Art Gallery – Robson St.
Saturday March 9 – 12:00

Women at the Forefront of Emancipation: Resisting Structural Violence and Exploitation!
On International Women’s Day we raise our fists in solidarity with women struggling for emancipation.  We we stand united in defense of women’s rights, for genuine liberation for all women.   We rally as a demonstration of our collective resistance against colonization, imperialist plunder, and the violence, oppression and exploitation of patriarchy and capitalism.
Women around the world are at the forefront of struggles for emancipation that ultimately seek to oust capitalism and replace it with collaboration, cooperation, and a society that values health, the fulfillment of human potential, and the survival of our planet.   These brave women inspire us to protect the Earth and our future generations.  Join us as we raise our voices for liberation and justice for all women!
We stand in solidarity with all women who struggle for emancipation!
Hands off women’s bodies and women’s lives!
Justice for all missing and murdered women!
Resist the plunder of our lands!

For more information or to endorse this rally:
604 727 8986

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