Lolita Chavez – Tues March 12 @ NOON. Guate Indigenous VS Canadian Mining

Lolita Chavez

Director of Indigenous Women’s Network “Voice of Resistance”

And member of Council of K’iche Peoples

Tuesday, March 12
12 noon
Maritime Labour Centre
1880 Triumph Street

Lunch available (full meal $9 / soup & salad $5.50)

Please RSVP – space is limited

Canadian companies account for approximately 88 per cent of all mining activity in Guatemala and Canada is a strong promoter of Canadian extractive industries there. Many pension funds are invested in Canadian mining companies which operate in Guatemala.

Indigenous peoples are among the most marginalized in Guatemala and experience systematic racism. Many mining operations are located in Indigenous territories and have been licensed without meaningful consultation or consent. Canada does not regulate the activities of Canadian mining companies overseas, despite calls from Canadians and international human rights bodies to do so.

Ms. Chavez will answer questions about the influence of Canadian mining companies on human rights and poverty in Guatemala and share recommendations to improve the situation of indigenous peoples in Guatemala.

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