Thousands of workers protest gold mine in Athens (PressTV)

News article, with video, describing protests in Athens against Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold’s planned mining operations in the Skouries region of Chalkidiki, Greece.

[From the news report by Constantine Venizelos:]

Thousands of protesters marched in central athens against a disputable gold mining project in northern Greece which they say is ruining the natural environment in the region and brings zero profits to the cash-strapped country.

“We want the land, the water and the trees, not a golden tomb”, chanted thousands of Greeks, marching in support of the local community in the Skouries region of Chalkidiki, in northern Greece.

The environmental impact of gold mining in the 317 thousand sq. km region is severe, say the protesters. There is almost a gram of gold in every ton of soil in the area. Hundreds of thousands of tons of earth will have to be dug out, cutting through a protected natural forest, then chemically processed using arsenic, cadmium and other toxic chemicals.

These will irreversibly damage local agriculture and fishing and pose a grave health risk for the entire region, as a gigantic cloud of dust looms over it and toxic damps are built to house the processed soil…. View the full report with video here.

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