MONDAY April 29, 2013! MARK THE DATE! Toxic Tour

Tracing Violence To Its  Source : Exposing Vancouver Mining Companies

ToxicTour_PosterVancouver, Unceded Coast Salish  Territories

The world’s “Greenest City” is home to some very  dirty business.

Weren’t invited to the BC Mining Week Opening  Gala??

Join us for a “Toxic Tour” of Vancouver’s mining  headquarters!!

Featuring performances, testimonies, video footage  and action-packed surprises.

5pm START :

At the GOLDCORP SFU Center for the Arts (in the  Woodwards ‘public’ Atrium)

Final destination:

BC Mining Week’s Opening Gala Event at Canada  Place

…and outside:   THE OTHER GALA to honour  community resistance to unjust mining and expose the violence of Vancouver  companies.

Food, Video, Speakers, and more.


* Stand in solidarity with  communities affected by Vancouver mining companies throughout Turtle Island and  across the globe!

* Visit the corporate headquarters  of mining companies and hear from communities resisting mines!

* Reject government-supported  corporate violation of peoples’ lands, waters, rights and  livelihoods!

* Honour those who have been  injured or killed following their opposition to Canadian mining projects.

* Bring your children, parents,  grandparents!


Stay tuned for more  details…

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What’s BC Mining  Week?

The City of Vancouver plans to  become the “greenest city in the world.”  It is also home to the world’s  largest conglomeration of mining companies. Beginning on April 29th  2013, Vancouver will host BC Mining Week.  After an opening gala, where the “Mining  Person of the Year Award 2012” will be granted, BC’s mining  industry leaders will spend a week wining and dining at receptions, awards  ceremonies and charitable events.

On their websites and in press  releases, extractive corporations claim to bring economic and social  ‘development’ to local and indigenous communities in BC and across the  world.  But the “greenwashing” can’t hide the increasing reports of  conflict, environmental devastation, water toxicity and scarcity, human and  indigenous rights violations, and violent repression–even murder–of residents  who speak out in opposition to extractive projects.

Ever wondered why so many mining  companies set up shop in Vancouver?  The Canadian government actively  assists extractive corporations with taxbreaks, subsidies, lax stock market  regulations, diplomatic support, and immunity from prosecution for environmental  destruction and human rights abuses overseas.

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