Corporations fill Liberal coffers (Vancouver Sun)

Sun article detailing corporate lobbying and extensive donations to BC’s Liberal party. Among the top donors are Vancourver-based miners Tech Resources and Goldcorp.

[From the article by Gordon Hoekstra:]

….Why do these corporations give, and why so much?

The companies are circumspect about that, saying generally they support the  party that supports the kind of business-friendly policies that help their  companies and are good for the economy.

The companies in the top five that agreed to speak to The Sun said there were  not any specific items they were seeking from their contributions, although the  B.C. lobbying registry shows they have sought specifics from the Liberals.

Two of the companies — Teck Resources and Goldcorp — declined to be  interviewed about their political contributions.

In a brief email response, Teck noted its donations are a matter of public  record. “We support government policies that encourage job creation and economic  growth for British Columbia communities,” said Teck spokesman Chris Stannell in  the email.

Teck gave about $250,000 in each of the past four years.

The company is a large global player with ownership or an interest in 13  mines in Canada, the U.S., Chile and Peru. Many of its operations are in B.C.,  including five coal mines, a zinc mine and a copper mine. The company had sales  of $10.3 billion and a profit of $780 million in 2012.

The public can get a sense of the areas that Teck has an interest in through  its lobbying record of the B.C. Liberal government.

The company has sought to talk to government representatives about greenhouse  gas reporting requirements, the province’s caribou strategy, the Mines Act  permitting processes and the Environment Management Act, according to the  province’s lobbying registry.

Also on Teck’s lobbying list was provincial funding for apprenticeship  training, low carbon fuel requirements, provincial electricity rates and the  Clean Energy Act


B.C. has among the loosest political donation rules in Canada. Many provinces  don’t allow corporate and union donations, and many put limits on contributions…. Read the full article.

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