Escobal mine security guards open fire on community resistance folks in San Rafael (journalist)

Update received from a Vancouver-based journalist and editor Sandra Cuffe:

According to reports, security guards from the El Escobal mine opened fire on eight members of the community resistance in San Rafael Las Flores, Guatemala, yesterday evening. Six people were wounded, at least two of them very seriously.

Community members say the order to open fire came from a mining company rep who has threatened participants in community resistance actions in the past.

Vancouver-based Tahoe Resources owns the El Escobal silver mine. Goldcorp sold the project in 2010, but retained a 40% ownership interest in Tahoe.

There are a few articles and updates floating around. Prensa Comunitaria interviewed someone from San Rafael and posted last night. Prensa Libre has also now reported the story, but reading the company response may induce intense rage.

Update from @Sandra_Cuffe.

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