Escalating Conflict and call for support from San Rafael, near Tahoe’s Escobal project (Xinca Parliament)

Update received yesterday from the Xinka Parliament near Tahoe Resources (Vancouver-based, partly owned by Canadian Pension Plan and Public Sector workers’ pension plans, and 40% owned by Vancouver’s Goldcorp) El Escobal Mine in Guatemala:

[Update and request for support:]

A contingent of soldiers is gathering in Jutiapa to head to Jalapa to carry out an arrest warrant against the leaders of the Xinka Parliament….who have led the opposition to mining exploitation in the region. WE CALL ON THE SUPPORT OF THE INDIGENOUS ORGANIZATIONS OF GUATEMALA, ON CIVIL SOCIETY AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. WE FEAR FOR THE LIVES OF OUR LEADERS IN THE FACE OF THIS NATIONAL PERSECUTION. THERE HAS ALREADY BEEN AN ATTACK ON THEM IN FEBRUARY THAT RESULTED IN THE DEATH OF EXALTACION MARCOS.

united for our people,

The Xinca nationality of Guatemala

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