Thurs Jun 20, 2013: Alert Fortuna Silver Shareholders to the high cost of ignoring human rights!

At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.

Thursday, June 20, 2013, 9 AM

Oceanview Suite 4, Pan Pacific Hotel, 999 Canada Place (old convention centre)


Bernado Vasquez Sanchez

Bernardo Vasquez Sanchez, leading opponent of Fortuna Silver’s Mine in San Jose del Progreso, Mexico, assassinated March 15, 2012

Vancouver-based Fortuna Silver is operating the Cuzcatlán Silver Mine in the Ocotlán Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico against the wishes of many local residents who are concerned about the depletion and contamination of scarce water resources. Fortuna’s mine has sown deep divisions in neighbouring communities and since 2010, several opponents to the mine have been ambushed and shot.

People in Ocotlán are appealing to Vancouverites to support them in their struggle to get Fortuna to withdraw from their territories.

Join us in warning Fortuna Silver’s shareholders of the high costs of ignoring human rights violations at their Cuzcatlán mine!!

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