May 1st, 2014 Action & Petition: Goldcorp Makes Me Sick! | GOLDCORP ¡ME ENFERMA!

Picket the Goldcorp AGM!
May 1 – 2 pm
In front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 655 Burrard St Vancouver, unceded
Coast Salish Territories
Organized by the Mining Justice Alliance

Why picket Goldcorp Inc.?
Among the world’s largest gold producers, Goldcorp sponsors health, education, and arts and sciences initiatives in Canada while overseas communities report serious health and social impacts, conflict and environmental destruction associated with Goldcorp mines. Over a million people in Guatemala have voted “No to Mining” in mass consultations initiated by Mayan people directly affected by Canadian mining.

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Not feeling well? Goldcorp got you down?

You’re not alone. Goldcorp makes me sick! | GOLDCORP ¡ME ENFERMA!

Communities living near Goldcorp’s mines in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras are tired of the scale of environmental destruction that it takes to produce every ounce of gold the company extracts. They have lost precious water supplies and agricultural lands, as well as ecologically and culturally important places.

They have observed an increase in respiratory tract and skin diseases since Goldcorp’s projects went into operation, including increased incidence of premature births and malformations in newborns in some cases, which could be linked to exposure to heavy metal contamination in their environment.

They are weary from the lack of respect that the company has demonstrated, failing to respect their rights to self-determination and free, prior, and informed consent, both long before mines are built and as they continue to expand.

Meanwhile they are sick of the threats, intimidation, criminalization and provocation of social divisions they face when they stand up for their rights.

Despite the devastating consequences of this unjust business, the Canadian government, public universities and so-called “ethical” investors continue promoting the false solution of “Corporate Social Responsibility” when what communities need is respect for their collective rights, guaranteed protection for their health and water supplies, justice for the harms they face, and freedom to speak up in defence of their community wellbeing without fear for their safety.

Goldcorp doesn’t deserve any more PR for CSR…

Communities need respect and justice for the abuses they’ve suffered.

Support the GOLDCORP ¡ME ENFERMA! campaign and petition: Organized by M4: Movimiento MesoAmericano Contra el Modelo Extractivo Minero

Visit the Open for Justice Campaign of the Canadian network for Corporate Accountability:



MEXICO: As of May 1st, the community of Carrizalillo in Guerrero, Mexico will have been blockading Goldcorp’s Los Filos mine on their lands for 31 days. Despite their openness to negotiate a new land use contract, the company has failed to show any real interest in talks and has started recurring to state authorities, which is disrespectful of the community and could lead to repression and criminalization.

  • Goldcorp should demonstrate respect for the Ejido Carrizalillo and their representatives as the principal interlocutor in this dispute

  • Goldcorp should negotiate a new land use contract in good faith that recognizes their just demands based on their collective rights

  • Goldcorp should not lean on the state government for support, nor resort to any repression and intimidation, nor threaten workers with dismissal

  • Failing this, Goldcorp should make public and initiate closure of the Los Filos mine, ensuring community participation and full restoration of their lands

GUATEMALA: Since it went into operation, Goldcorp’s Marlin mine in the northwestern highlands of Guatemala has led to ongoing violation of the rights of Indigenous communities to self-determination and free, prior and informed consent. Even the company’s own Human Rights Assessment in 2010 of the Marlin mine recommended that the company should halt all land acquisitions and mine expansion pending adequate prior consultation of local communities. This has not taken place. Now Goldcorp is expanding its project into the departments of San Marcos and Quetzaltenango without the consent of mining-affected communities in the area of the “Los Chocoyos”, “San Jose III” and “Eluvia” mine licenses. These communities have massively rejected mining exploration and extraction through their own consultation processes.

  • Goldcorp should abandon these mine licenses out of respect for these communities

GUATEMALA: Goldcorp is a majority shareholder in Tahoe Resources with 40% of the company’s shares whose Escobal silver project in southeastern Guatemala into has been causing havoc in the municipality of San Rafael Las Flores. Tens of thousands of people in the area have pronounced themselves against the silver mine operation through locally-convened consultation processes. As a result of their struggle, over 100 community members have faced unfounded charges and six men were wounded during an armed attack one year ago, for which the company’s head of security is under arrest awaiting trial. Just two weeks ago, a well known 16 year old activist was killed in an armed attack, while her father remains in intensive care.

  • Goldcorp should get out of Tahoe Resources and tell Tahoe to take responsibility for its mess and get out of Guatemala

HONDURAS: The Siria Valley Environmental Committee continues to call on Goldcorp to take responsibility for public health harms that remain unaddressed since its San Martín mine was in operation from 2000-2008.

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