Please sign – The People of Clyde River, Nunavut takes on the oil industry. (GREENPEACE CANADA)

via Greenpeace Canada

Something big is happening in one of the tiniest, most remote places in the world: the people of Clyde River, Nunavut — a hamlet of just 900 people — are taking the Canadian government to court.

The National Energy Board, a federal energy regulator, has recently approved a five-year search for oil off Clyde River’s coast, allowing seismic testing — a process of firing explosions through the ocean to find oil — as a first step towards dangerous Arctic oil drilling.

How loud are these explosions? Imagine standing underneath a jumbo jet as it takes off — only you can’t cover your ears to block out the sound. Add your voice to help Clyde River keep the oil industry out of Canada’s Arctic.

Incredibly, 80-90% of the world’s narwhal population lives off the coast of Clyde River, and these explosions can disrupt their migration paths, sometimes causing permanent hearing loss, and in the worst case, death. The people of Clyde River aren’t going to stand by and let this happen.

It took a great deal of courage and determination to launch this legal battle against the Canadian government. And the community of Clyde River is going into it hopeful with the knowledge that in 2010, the Qikiqtani Inuit Association successfully stopped seismic testing from happening nearby in Lancaster Sound.

We too are hopeful, as this important case has been described by Clyde River’s lawyer as “hard, but not unwinnable.” Hard, because of how much influence the oil industry has over the government, but winnable because we know that you are going to join us and stand behind this brave community. Add your voice, help Clyde River keep the oil industry out of Canada’s Arctic.

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