Brazil’s Javari valley threatened by Peruvian oil, warn tribes (The Guardian)

Brazil Peruvian oil David Hill photo

Guardian caption: Matsés man Alesandro Dunu Mayoruna, from Sao Meireles village in Brazil, painted with achiote to receive visitors and talk about oil company Pacific Rubiales. Photograph: David Hill

An indigenous people whose territories are divided by the Brazil-Peru border in the remote Amazon say they are vehemently opposed to oil exploration on the Peruvian side and are prepared to fight companies in order to keep them out.

The Matsés’s main concerns are the potential social and environmental impacts of oil operations on both sides of the border, where they live in the far west of the iconic Javari Valley Indigenous Territory in Brazil and a 490,000 hectare legally-titled community in Peru.

“I don’t want to die contaminated or from some illness transmitted [by a company],” Waki Mayoruna, the head of a village called Lobo, told the Guardian on a visit to the Javari Territory. “If they don’t understand our no means no, there’ll be conflict that’ll lead to people being killed.” (Click here to continue.)


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