News bulletins about Goldcorp Inc. (Rights Action)

Posts from Rights Action on Goldcorp Inc. activities in Guatemala:

Contamination of Water By Goldcorp Inc. (Montana Exploradora) In San Miguel Ixtahuacan And Sipacapa, San Marcos:

The INACIF assessment confirmed that the total nitrogen in the water discharge from the treatment plant at Goldcorp’s Marlin mine exceeds the limits established by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN). It is possible that the source of the high level of nitrogen is the cyanide used to extract the gold and as well, the remnants of unexploded ordnance.  The report also confirms that levels of total lead and arsenic exceed legal limits for drinking water set by the National Standards Commission (COGUANOR).  Local communities, especially their children, are suffering from environmental illness – arsenic poisoning, caused by arsenic contamination of water sources.

The INACIF report can be found at:

Death Of A Worker In A Goldcorp Tunnel

Máximo López Ambrosio, a 53 year old worker from the community of Xeabaj, Sipacapa died in the West Vero underground mine, at 3am, Tuesday, September 9, 2014.  According to statements from other workers, he died in the Marlin mine medical clinic after being transported by ambulance all the way to the San Martin hospital in Huehuetenango, rather than to the closer clinic – Centro de Atención Permanente in San Miguel Ixtahuacán, financed by Goldcorp Inc.  Workers have testified to the extreme working conditions in the West Vero mine – unbearable heat and poor ventilation. Family members of the dead miner have stated that theSan Martin hospital refuses to inform them of the cause of death, unless ordered by law.

Fissure In Earth By Goldcorp’s Mine Threatens Indigenous Communities

Telesur 2 minute report:

Goldcorp Report On Underground Mines In San Miguel Ixtahuacán

Goldcorp’s 2003 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Marlin Mine states that gold and silver deposits at the Marlin site cover an area approximately 10 kilometers long, running East to West.  According to the Goldcorp report, there are five underground mines at the Marlin site: (1) MARLIN, (2) DELMY, (3) CORAL, (4) VIRGINIA, and (5) WEST VERO. Missing from this list is the LA HAMACA mine, authorized by the MARN in 2006, making a total of 6 underground mines.

According the Hydro-geological Analysis carried out by Goldcorp (Montana Exploradora) in June 2011, these mines operate over two aquifers. The one that provides water to local communities is not very deep, while the other one sits at 100 to 300 metres below ground level.

The physical area covered by the mine can cause accumulative impacts on water sources, through both the length and depth of its tunnels: the longitude from Marlin to Coral is one kilometre, from Marlin to West Vero at least two kilometers, and from Marlin to La Hamaca, 3 kilometres. The 2006 EIA of La Hamaca authorized a 2,100 metre longitudinal extension to the subterranean mine. As we have already mentioned, the mineral deposit runs for up to ten kilometres longitudinally from East to West.

The 2003 EIA authorized Marlin to go ahead with a 300 metre deep underground mine (2000 and 1700 below sea level) and as well, with a 180 metre deep mine at LaHamaca, both in San Miguel Ixtahuacán. Only the 2003 EIA for the Marlin underground mine and the 2006 EIA for the La Hamacaunderground mine have been approved by MARN. The other mines have no legal authorization to operate.

The Goldcorp Report indicates that there are 347 metres between the West Vero and Delmy mines (1660 and 2007 meters below sea level). And the difference in height between the West Vero and Sipacapa mines (1970 below sea level) indicates a depth of 310 metres, in comparison to San Miguel Ixtahuacán mine (2065 below sea level) with a depth of 405 metres.

Goldcorp Inc. has been exploiting the Marlin mine for nine years, using dynamite underneath the local communities. This explains the cracks in the houses, churches and schools in San Miguel Ixtahuacán.


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