Mining-related films and MJA film library

The following films are good educational resources, documenting critical, in-depth, and local perspectives on canadian mining and extractive projects around the world:

The Hole Story | (2011) Richard DesJardins & Robert Monderie (Dirs.) National Film Board.  79 mins.
Don’t know much about Canadian mines? Well, mines don’t talk much. Especially about their history.
A Changing World | (2010) Marie-Hélène Cousineau (Dir.) Arnait Video Productions, IsumaTV
On Baffin Island, two mountains of ore will be cut down at Mary River. Igloolik residents voice their concerns.
Somba Ke: The Money Place | (2007) David Henningson (Dir.) 54 mins.
Few know it, but the Canadian Government during the 1940s operated in the Arctic the world’s first uranium mine to secretly supply the United States’ Manhattan Project. Today, this same mine, known to the local Sahtu Dene First Nations as Somba Ke – “the money place” is at the epicenter of a massive uranium exploration boom
Latin America
El Oro o la Vida (Gold or Life): Recolonization and Resistance in Central America. | (2011) Álvaro Revenga (Dir.) Caracol. 57 mins.  
Examines transnational mining expansion in Central America: recolonization and resistance.
The Business of Gold in Guatemala: Chronicle of a Conflict Foretold | (2011) Colectif Guatemala. 54 mins.
Examines resistance to Goldcorp’s Marlin mine in both Guatemala and Canada
Marmato | Oscar Castaño Valencia, Orientese Televisión (2011.) Spanish with English subtitles
Villagers in the Andes face violence and resist as a Toronto company targets the ground beneath their feet.
Late Night Sunrise | (2009) Michael Watts & David McNulty (Dirs.) 32 mins.
In the town of Cabañas, El Salvador, resistance to Vancouver-based mining company, Pacific Rim’s El Dorado mine comes at a high cost.
Under Rich Earth | (2008) Malcolm Rogge 92. mins.
Farmers in Ecuador say “No” to Vancouver-based Copper Mesa corp.,  and face guns. An acclaimed film with a plot twist.
Desalojo (eviction) | (2007) 10 mins.
In January 2007, indigenous communities in Guatemala are forcibly evicted from their land by a Canadian mining company. Community members watch as their homes are burned to the ground
Sipakapa NO se vende: the Mayan Peoples’ Resistance to Gold Mining | (2005) 55 mins. Caracol. Spanish with English subtitles.
Follows the popular plebiscite organized in the municipality of Sipakapa, Guatemala – where the majority rejected the Goldcorp mine – and follows the Mayan struggle to have the plebicite recognized by the company and congress.
From Nomad to Nobody | Michael Buckley (Dir.) Wild Yak Films.
Why are nomads being forced from their traditional grazing lands into concrete ghettos? There is a mining connecction.

Film Library: The MJA has copies of some of these films which can be borrowed for educational and non-profit screenings in Vancouver. Please contact us for more information.


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