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These key websites, mapping projects, publications and media reports provide critical and in-depth information about vancouver-based and canadian mining and extractive projects:

CAMIGUA-Goldcorp out of Guatemala | news, studies, urgent actions, and multimedia on issues regarding the Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in Guatemala
Halifax Initiative | research reports, briefs, advocacy materials by a coalition of Canadian NGOs concerned about about the international financial system, its institutions, and North-South exploitation
Corporate Accountability | Numerous reports, analysis and information on Canadian government funding and (lack of) oversight of harmful extractive industry practices abroad.
Resources – Extractives and CSR | A collection of briefing notes, analyses and reports on extractive industries and corporate social responsiblity (CSR)
IFIs and CSR Issue Briefs | Backgrounders on Canadian and international financing prepared for Canada’s 2006 National Roundtables on extractive industries and CSR
Intercontinental Cry | News and film on the world’s indigenous peoples; many posts are related to environmental and human rights struggles in the face of extractive projects
Canadian Mining Companies | topic page with news, articles, and tweets on Canadian mining
Kairos Canada-Resource Extraction | campaign blog with updates, publications and actions from this faith-based ecological justice and human rights organization
Menonite Central Committee – Mining Justice | campaign blog with updates, and information from this faith-based relief, development and peace organization.
Mines and Communities | web database searchable by region, project, company, issue, and more.
Mining Watch Canada | blog, updates, information, and action requests on Canadian mining law, policies, corporate accountability, and environmental issues
Rights Action | blog, updates, and action requests on human rights issues in Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras, and Haiti
Communities Resisting Mines | Rights Action campaign blog
Suppressed Report Confirms International Violations by Canadian Mining Companies – includes link to leaked report by the Canadian Centre for the Study of Resource Conflict. Catherine Coumans (2010) MiningWatch Canada.
Investing in Conflict. Public Money, Private Gain: Goldcorp in the Americas. Dawn Paley (2009). Rights Action
Metals Mining and Sustainable Developement in Central America. Thomas M. Power (2008). Oxfam America
Dirty Metals: Mining Communities and the Environment. Earthworks & Oxfam (2004)
Mapping Mining
Halifax Initiative Mining Map | Link to PDF map produced for the 2006 National Roundtables on Corporate Social Responsiblity, to illustrate the broad global scope of Canadian mining injustices.
Environmental Defenders in Danger in Mesoamerica | Link to Mining Watch map and Centre for International Environmental Law (CIEL) report on cases of repression and violence against indviduals opposing mining projects. (Click on the map for more detail.)
Local Votes and Mining in the Americas | Mining Watch map which illustrates the many community consultas (consultations) undertaken in resistance to mining projects.
McGill Research Group Investigating Canadian Mining in Latin America (MICLA) | Research and documentation (including map-based documentation) on mining issues, conflicts, processes, and regions
 Authorization of Natural Resource Exploitation | Link to a NISGUA-supported interactive map showing natural resource concessions in Guatemala. 
Media reports
Mining Watchdog Agency called “bogus PR job” | Video and article – CBC News October 31, 2011
The Social Impact of Mining | Upstream Journal, Volume 22, No. 4, June 2009
Special Issue on Mining | Dominion Paper, Issue #55, November-December 2008
Imperial Canada, Inc.: Legal Haven of Choice for the World’s Mining Industries – website includes links to research.  Alain Deneault and William Sacher  (2012) Talonbooks
Click to see a list of Films about Canadian Mining and Extractive Projects, some of which are available through the MJA’s film library.


For more information, you can browse this site by topic (see the menu at right), or check this list of additional resources. If you would like to suggest a tool or resource to add to this list, please contact us.

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